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Strategic Marketing Plan for Lasik Eye Surgery Company

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This summary provides ideas that will be effective in developing a new strategic marketing plan for a vision care and surgery provider that specializes in Lasik eye surgery. This report also delivers a brief description of what does Lasik eye surgery involve. Discuss the details concerning the marketing mix: product, place, promotion, and price.  And address the modern marketing management 4Ps: people, processes, programs, and performance.


This report explains a favorable marketing mix for the approaching revision of the company’s strategic marketing plan and includes the requested details about the product, place, promotion, and price. Ultimate goals of these strategies are to reach favorable outcomes and it can be sustained in the three upcoming years. This comprehensive marketing strategy can connect prospective LASIK patients to your practice so they can receive treatment.


LASIK is a refractive eye surgery that restructures the cornea to improve vision. The procedure can advantage patients who suffer from astigmatism near-sightedness, and far-sightedness.  LASIK surgery is done as an outpatient surgery and has a low degree of complications (Cardinal).


Internal marketing is an important place to market the company, it includes well-trained staff that uses instructive resources in the clinic to make patients interested, aware, consider the procedure and have it completed. Social media marketing must be a vital component of the marketing strategy, some ideas for posts that will interest responsiveness include: Answering frequently asked questions, for example: How much of an improvement can I expect after surgery, etc. Highlighting a patient success, with their consent in the social media so potential clients concerns (Hyder).

Web sites will allow patients to request or schedule appointments, download office different forms, access office information such as hours and driving directions and request medications refills and medical records. This can be another exceptional place to deliver information about LASIK services (Promoting LASIK the Right Way, 2002).


The company needs to have data not just about the surgery results, but about results on patients with that specific refractive error. This additional effort goes higher in meeting the patient’s needs throughout the decision process, from preparedness through a final decision. Furthermore, the particular most overlooked opportunity is follow-up of interested patients. Internal marketing is vital because it’s involves communicating your participation with LASIK to the current patients. Training the staff to handle LASIK studies and think through designating a refractive surgery coordinator. In competitive markets, we must as well express why the center is the one of choice (Promoting LASIK the Right Way, 2002).

Posters, countertop displays, videotapes and brochures can be used as promotional materials and such as Patient Education Concepts.  By placing these displays in the office waiting room, contact lens training area and exam rooms, these items would likewise promote the qualifications of the surgeon. Conducting a “Meet and Great’ surgeon seminars, so the patients can informally meet the refractive surgeons and view a LASIK procedure can be another vital process for promotion (Promoting LASIK the Right Way, 2002).


Even though Medicare doesn’t directly control refractive surgery, a reasonable argument can be made for an 80/20 split of LASIK global fees. If the refractive surgeon also performs a cataract surgery that will be reimbursed by Medicare, at that time any refractive surgery co-management fee above 20%. To protect the company, we should set our own fees for pre- and post-op refractive surgery care, either as a definite dollar cost or as a percentage of the surgeon’s global fee. Cost per Lasik surgery must not be more than 15% of the average collected global fee. So for the business average of $2,000 per eye. Implementing a patient financing a growth strategy can be beneficial for the patients and the business, since over the last couple years, the focus on financing has driven a great deal of cost-effective LASIK activity, This mentioned cost may vary depending on specific technology the center implements For example; we may charge more for LASIK for a more customized procedure (Coulson, 2008).

The modern marketing management 4Ps: people, processes, programs, and performance

The modern marketing management 4Ps is required in order to have a further complete understanding of the purpose and role of marketing within this organization. A broader view of the marketing mix will be proposed including the additional four elements (Fripp).


There are two different categories:

  • The employees of the company- emphasizing the importance of internal marketing as earlier mentioned in this report and the marketing activity reflecting the value of the employees working at a this specific company.
  • The patients: in order for this marketing strategy to be efficient, the company needs to see their present and future customers as people – hence emphasizing the importance of understanding the involvedness of consumer actions and needs.


The mentioned marketing activity involves some processes each directed by structure creativeness, and discipline. For that reason, a whole set of guidelines should supplement each marketing activity. Planning each activity will expose a more operational marketing and will also be the basis necessary for obtaining new vision and building a unique service.


Program replicates all the old 4P’s and other activities vital to market the mentioned service. The integration of all these activities is totally necessary in order to extent a higher growth of the company.


I would like to highlights the significance of studying the suggestions beyond the company itself, so taking into concern: ethical issues, the legal and social accountability. Performance is defined as evaluating and determining the financial and non-financial effects of the potential outcomes of this activity (Fripp).


Suitably institute internal marketing into the company, patients will consider you each time they see another provider’s external LASIK marketing. Unlike the discount laser center that provides coupon and specials, you’re a reliable. The company who overemphasize the integral risks can end up contradicting their patient the benefits that LASIK typically brings. This particular 4P’s model is perfect for enhancing the marketing mix of this organization due to its skill to address important demands. This original method offered will relate to all the disciplines in this company, assisting the arrangement of the entire set of actions (Promoting LASIK the Right Way, 2002).


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