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Have you completed your work and need some editing or improvements? Do you feel like your business essay needs that extra level of refinement? Perhaps you have received feedback and need some help addressing it and improving your business essay, report or dissertation? Our editing service is here to help business and MBA students, with three levels to choose from, designed to give you the extra support and polish your academic work needs.

At, we work closely with qualified editors and writers in almost every area of business, including finance, management, marketing, and many more, giving you access to skilled academics alongside our highly-rated customer service team and after care service. Our editors are on standby, ready and waiting to help, and unlike other editing services, we personally match you to an editor qualified in your specific area of business, allowing them to focus on the key terminology and theories specific to your work.

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Choose a level of editing to suit your needs

Three levels, one great editing service for business students! At, we understand that 'editing' means different things to different people. From polishing off an individual business assignment to give it that extra level of professionalism, to more significant changes and rewriting of a final business dissertation, we have got you covered. Choose the level of editing that meets your needs, send your work via our secure order form, and we will personally match you with one of our qualified business editors.

Bronze Editing Service

The bronze service is our basic option for those who need an extra bit of polish before submitting their work. Our expert editors will review the spelling and grammar of your writing, such as a business report or case study, making all the changes required to make sure your work is in perfect shape. Everything will be completed using Microsoft Word's track changes feature, meaning you can see every edit, understand the mistakes you have made and learn from them in the future!

Silver Editing Service

Our silver service adds even more editing support, with improvements to the style and structure of your work to give you that extra level of refinement. Our editors will correct spelling and grammar and make sure that your work flows well with a consistent style, the correct structure, and a strong voice and tone throughout. They will check key terminology, and make sure that your language satisfies the specific requirements for the type of assignment or area of business you are completing. Like the bronze service, you will get a version of the work with tracked changes, so you can see all the changes that were made and learn from them.

Gold Editing Service

For the ultimate assignment editing service for business students, our gold package contains everything you need: all the benefits of the Silver service plus significant rewrites to improve the content of your academic business assignment. The gold service is perfect for those looking to get their business assignment, report or case study rewritten, as well as many other types of academic papers. Maybe you have received feedback from your lecturer or tutor and need to address it, or maybe you have identified some parts of your business essay or dissertation that you want to be improved or rewritten. Your editor will consider the work you have written and address these comments or concerns, helping you to understand where you have gone wrong and fixing any problems the work has. So, if you have completed any business assignment, such as an essay, report or case study, this is the ultimate package to make sure your work is perfect!

The Editing Process

We aim to make editing your work as smooth and easy as possible to ensure that you get the results you need with a minimum of fuss.

  • Get started by choosing the level of business essay editing service you require - bronze, silver or gold - on our simple and easy to use order form.
  • Next, send through the details of what you need to be edited: attach your work, along with any comments or specific points you want our editors to focus on.
  • Once you've submitted your request, our Customer Experience team will review your work and instructions, then get in touch to confirm everything with you and clear up any questions.
  • After that, our team will set to work on finding you an editor in your subject area to make the improvements your work requires – finding the right person for you.
  • Your editor will then get started, making the relevant changes to the work – correcting spelling and grammar and everything else that is included in your selected service.
  • After finishing and submitting the edited document to us, we'll check to make sure all your requirements have been met, and then release the work for you to download.
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Editing: Did you know?

Good spelling and grammar are a key part of any piece of academic work, and usually form a specific part of a marking rubric or grading guidelines. Writing errors in business reports, case studies and other assignments might mean that your points aren't expressed clearly enough to be understood by the marker, making it seem like you don't understand your subject. Fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, resolving issues with flow or language, or addressing areas of improvement can give you those extra few marks that make the difference between grades.

Studies show that as many as 80% of employers value candidates and employees with strong written communication skills; this could be the difference between you and another candidate. Your time at school, college and university is the greatest opportunity to improve your writing skills, so make sure you take advantage of this. Our editing services, designed specifically for business students, can show you any flaws in your writing and enable you to learn from your mistakes, which is a key skill that can separate you from other candidates and secure you a key job opportunity later in life.

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Frequently asked questions

Why use a business essay editing service?

Editing is a simple and effective way to improve your work, and help you learn from mistakes you may have made with your writing. Marking and comments on your work can only tell you so much: seeing common mistakes you make with spelling and grammar and understanding how to address comments can teach you how to be a better academic writer and improve your grades. An editor provides you with a fresh perspective and is there to help you, not catch you out!

What makes this different to other editing services for business students?

Most editors from other services are not subject-specific editors: they are often qualified in English, and whilst they are excellent at fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, they lack the business subject-specific knowledge that we require all of our editors to have. An editor that understands your work and is qualified in the business subject you are studying will be able to catch errors in your knowledge that could hurt your chance of a high grade.

How long does it take you to find a writer for my editing order?

Each order is different; however, we ask that you allow 24 to 48 hours for a suitably qualified editor to be found.

Is the service confidential?

We work in full compliance with the latest privacy legislation and regulation. We will not discuss your editing order or share your information with anyone other than yourself.

Our fully qualified editors are waiting to help with your next business essay!

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