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Analysing Apple’s Supply Chain Network
14th Dec 2020
Introduction: The following report aims to assess the supply chain network of Apple to analyse the areas where it needs change to enhance its performance objectives....

Apple Inc Company Report
9th Dec 2020
Introduction: This is a report on Apple Inc, including an explanation of their mission and vision, consideration of their international operation, and a SWOT analysis....

The Obstacles for Apple to Overcome
9th Dec 2020
Introduction: This essay explores the key challenges that Apple Inc is facing, as well as looking into their pricing strategy according to Porter's generic strategies....

Is Apple a Socially Responsible Company?
9th Dec 2020
Introduction: This essay considers whether Apple are a socially responsible company, looking at the pressures and ethical issues they are facing, an analysis of their corporate social responsibility, and consideration of their social/ethical investing policy....

Microeconomics of Apple Inc.
8th Dec 2020
Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to analyse the smartphone market and the supply and demand conditions, price elasticity, cost of production and the different actions Apple can take to maximize the profit of the iPhone....

Apple's Shot-on-iPhone Campaign
8th Dec 2020
Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, which caught the attention of millions of smartphone users around the world, with the essay split into four different parts....

Ethical Issues faced by Apple
8th Dec 2020
Introduction: This report focuses on the ethical issues and human rights violations the company Apple Computers Inc. was accused of for the inhuman treatment of the workers of its primary contractor Foxconn in China....

Apple Inc. and the Production of iPhones
3rd Nov 2020
Introduction: Apple Inc. is a multinational technology organization situated within California in the United States. The company normally manufactures and sells computers and electronics. It also...

Overview of Management Plan for Apple Inc.
12th Jun 2020
Introduction: Overview Apple Inc., founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, is now a global sensation. On their website, https://www.apple.com/, you can learn about all of their different typ...

Corporate Identity of Apple
12th Jun 2020
Introduction: When considering corporate identity, we can see it associates to a brands identity or image, but there is rarely an overall unanimity to its meaning. Writers such as John Balmer, equated the brand to ...

Apple Charger Bolt & BoltZ Market Analysis
13th May 2020
Introduction: INTRODUCTION Wireless technology is the ability to charge device batteries by using electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter to a receiver application. It is an emerging technology,...

The Real Reason for Steve Jobs’ Success
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar, was a man of wonders who helped create the Macintosh, a PC for the people. He then went on to invent the mobile phone (iPhone) and music play (iPod) that everyo...