Strategies used by Non-Profit Organisations for implementing stakeholder management

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what are the strategies which are used by the non profit making organisation for implementing stakeholder management?


Stakeholder management is the process of managing the expectations of anyone who has interest in a project or will be affected by it. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) typically operate in complex environments and they are subject to expectations of multiple stakeholders, such as funders, referral agencies, government officials, volunteers, and clients. One strategy used by NPOs for implementing stakeholder management is the use of balancing. That is, when organizations encounter conflicting expectations or pressures that are inconsistent with internal objectives, they try to find a compromise between the inconsistent expectations. For example, curators and funders often have differences in opinions on the type of exhibitions mounted by art museums. To deal with these conflicting pressures, museums shift resources, they use donated funds to mount the accessible or popular exhibitions that funders prefer and the museums’ internal resources to fund shows that reflect the norms of the professional art historian. NPO executives also use mechanisms to facilitate two-way communication between members and the organization, such as member surveys to obtain input from community members, advisory committees and conferences. Communication is regarded as an integral tool for educating and engaging community members.


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