Do you offer a proof-reading service?

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Do you provide a proof-reading service, including checking the grammar, structure and other essay criteria?


When you’re completing a piece of work, it really helps to have another person look at it for you. Someone else – particularly someone qualified in your field of study – can not only pick out minor spelling and grammatical errors, but can help you understand if you have missed anything major in your work, whether that’s relevant information or key structural requirements. We offer two different proof reading services to help you to develop your work: The free service will provide you with an overview of your work’s strengths and areas for development, assessed by a qualified expert in the field, and will also give you an estimated grade for your work in its current state - all at no cost! If you use the free service, the work will be published after a 6-month period as a study aid for other students. The premium service offers all of this and much more. Alongside receiving feedback on your work and an estimated grade, a qualified expert will proofread your work and give advice on any changes which are recommended in relation to both the content of the work and any spelling or grammatical issues which may be present. The expert will also provide a projected grade: this means they will provide a predicted grade for the piece once you have implemented the recommended changes. You will also receive a full plagiarism scan on your work to highlight any areas in which referencing may need to be fixed. Work from the premium service is never published or reused. Both services are 100% confidential and your details will never be shared with any outside parties. Whichever service appeals to you, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and helpful feedback possible to ensure that you get the grade you deserve!


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