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Samsung India Electronic Pvt Ltd: Marketing and Customer Satisfaction on Samsung Mobiles

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South Korean organization Samsung is one of the world's biggest makers of electronic parts. Samsung works in the generation of a wide assortment of customer and industry hardware including gadgets, computerized media gadgets, semiconductors, memory chips and incorporated frameworks. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the most conspicuous names in innovation and creates about a fifth of South Korea's all out fares.

Samsung was established on March 1, 1938 as a market by Lee Bying-Chul. He began his business in Teyug, Korea, worked together around town and noodles and different merchandise and sent out them to China and its territories. After the Korean War, Lee extended his business in materials and opened the biggest woolen plant in Korea. They concentrated a ton on industrialization with the objective of helping redevelopment of their nation after the war. During that period, his business profited by the new protectionist approaches received by the Korean government, which expected to support huge local gatherings (shampoos) by evading rivalry and giving simple financing.

During the time of the 1970s, the organization extended its texture assembling process, covering the whole line of generation - from crude materials to final results to better intensity in the material business. New backup organizations like Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Shipbuilding and Samsung Precision Company (Samsung Techwin) were set up. What's more, during a similar period, the organization began putting resources into overwhelming, substance and petrochemical enterprises, making the organization a promising improvement course.

Samsung first entered the gadgets business in 1969 with numerous hardware centered divisions - their first item was Black and White Television. During the 1970s, the organization began sending out local gadgets items abroad. Around then, Samsung was at that point a noteworthy producer in Korea, and had gained a 50 percent stake in Korea Semiconductor.


1938: Samsung established Lee Buying-Chul as an exchanging organization.

1953: After the Korean War, Lee made productive sugar, trailed by material, banking and protection adventures.

1961: Despite a political overthrow, regardless of the 1966 family embarrassment of illicit benefits and pirating, the organization develops by enhancing into paper items, retail chains and distributions.

1969: Lee builds up Samsung Electronics with the assistance of Sanyo. It produces shoddy TVs, microwaves and other customer items for western organizations like Sears and General Electric.

1970s: Under an administration approach of quick industrialization, Samsung began a few endeavours in shipbuilding, petrochemical and flying machine motors.

1980s: The organization is sending out gadgets under its name.

1983: Samsung began creation of PC

1987: Lee's child, Lee Kun-Hee, assumes responsibility for Samsung.

1988: Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunication Merger with Samsung Electronics Its principle business is home apparatuses, broadcast communications and semiconductor.

1990: Samsung drives the world in chip creation.

1994: Samsung Motors is shaped.

1996: Lee Kun-He is associated with a debasement outrage and gets a suspended sentence for renumeration.

1998: Samsung finishes the improvement of level screen TVs and begins generation of the main huge scale computerized TV. Samsung Motors conveys its first vehicle.

2005: Samsung built up the main discourse acknowledgment telephone.2007: Samsung Group is blamed for political gift and impact in the whole South Korean government, legal branch and media.

2012: Samsung Electronics turned into the world's biggest cell phone producer, which outperformed Nokia, driving the market chief The standard of American hearers is that Samsung should pay $ 1.05 billion to Apple (AAPL) as a remuneration for cell phone innovation for infringement of six Apple licenses.

Products of Samsung Electronics

• Accessories

• Cables

• Camera Lenses

• Carrying Cases

• Desktop and Network Computers

• Digital Cameras and Camcorders

• Disk Drives

• Dvd Players

• Flash Memory

• Handhelds and Tablets

            •           Mobiles

            • Hard Drives

            • Headsets and Microphones

• Monitors

• Multifunction Printers

• Notebooks

• Pc and Network Cameras

• Power Protection and System Batteries

• Printer Consumables

• Printers

• Televisions

• Time-Lapse Dvrs And Vcrs

Growth Pattern

Samsung Has Developed into One of The Largest Manufacturer with Sales Of 23.9 Billion Dollars In 1997 And Electronics Industry. 32.8% Of Total Production with Accounting.. Since the Launch of The Monochrome Television Set In 1971, Samsung Has Increased By 38% Over A Year, Expanding Its Product Range from Ordinary Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, Information and Communication Equipment, Computers and Peripherals and Semiconductors. The Sec Claims That in The Field of Semiconductor, It Has Become the Largest Manufacturer of Dynamic Random-Access Memory Chips in The World, Of Which 17% Is Market Share. Samsung Has Many Other Products That Compete Well in The Global Market.

Board of Members

Key Executives for Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.



Board Relationships



Hyun Chil Hong

No Relationships

Chief Executive Officer and President


B. D. Park

No Relationships

Md, Ceo Of Samsung South-West Asia Operations and President of Samsung South-West Asia Operations


H. B. Lee

No Relationships

Ceo Of South West Asia Regional Quarters and President of South West Asia Regional Quarters


Hyunwoo Bang

No Relationships

Senior Vice President


Suresh Chitturi

No Relationships

Chairman Of 3rd Generation Partnership Project Service & System Aspect 6 Working Group


K. S. Kim

No Relationships

Managing Director of Sales - Samsung Korea And Sales Professional


Raj Kumar Rishi

No Relationships

Business Head of Audio Visual (Av) Business and Vice President of Audio Visual (Av) Business


Srini Sundararajan

No Relationships

Head of Network Business


Asim Warsi

No Relationships

Head of Marketing and Product for Mobile Business


Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Board Members*

Name (Connections)


Type of Board Members

Primary Company


Yoon-Woo Lee


Unit Vice Chairman

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Oh-Hyun Kwon

9 Relationships

Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Boo-Keun Yoon


Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Jong-Kyun Shin

9 Relationships

Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Sang hoon lee

22 Relationship

Member of The Board of  Direct0rs

Samsung Electronics 


In-Ho Lee


Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Limited


Han-Joong Kim

9 Relationships

Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Kwang-Soo Song

9 Relationships

Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Byeong-Gi Lee

9 Relationships

Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited


Jae-Wan Bahk


Member of The Board of Directors

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



Samsung Has A Huge Number of Competitors on Mobile Sector. Some Are as Follows

  • Apple
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Microsoft
  • Google Pixel
  • Asus
  • Microsoft

Mergers and Acquisition

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd Is Known as The Rival of Apple Inc. In the Last Six Years, Samsung Has Become A Middle-Player in The Arena of Mergers and Acquisition. In any case, in 2016, The Electronics Conglomerate Took Eight Acquisitions, A Deviation from Previous Trends, Far Away with Two Announcements In 2017. Here's A Look at What Samsung Electronics Has Achieved and Where Is Its Heading

A portion of The Acquisitions Are:

• Adgear One of The Platforms of Digital Advertising In 2016 Was Samsung's First Pick. Computerized Advertising Was Expected to Exceed $ 285 Billion By 2020, With the Cost of Mobile, Viable and Online Devices, One of The Most Popular Places in The World of Digital Advertising. To Increase the Sale on Advertising and To Allow Better Consumer Engagement This Is Why Brands Are Looking for Advertising Platforms. This Is A Strategic Step for Samsung In the World of Digital Advertising.

• In August Of Year Samsung Acquired the Company DAKOR Which Is Americas Leading Luxury Home Appliance Brand. This Move Has Provided Samsung a Part in Ultra-Premium Equipment Business Which Is Expected to Experience "Twofold Digit Growth in The Next Three Years".

• Viv Labs Is an Artificial Intelligence Platform with Extraordinary Artificial Language Understanding and Machine Learning Capabilities. Samsung's Acquisition of Viv's Should Emphasize the Advancement of Its Ai Strategies, While in Addition to Wide Array of Products in Samsung's Ecosystem, From Wearables to Home Appliances.

•  In October, Samsung Electronics Acquired Tachyon, N Enterprise Mobile Device Configuration and Development Software by Kaprrika Securities. As indicated by The Press Release, Third-Party Apps and Complex Views Are Addicted When There Is No Option for Samsung's Enterprise Mobile Customers. For Samsung's Incharge Speed, Improved Accuracy and Security Mobile Customers in Taichung, Low Cost and Risk, Full Customization and Basic Flexibility, Such Benefits

• The Acquisition of Harman Industry Was One of The Samsung’s Greatest Move in Recent. Which Indeed Expanded Growth Market for The Connected Technology Mainly in Automotive Area. Harman's Connected Car Solutions Is Present in More Than 30 Million Vehicles, Including Brands Such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Harley-Davidson And Mercedes-Benz.

For the Past Year This Shows That Samsung Has Been Hardly Expanding Its Business World Especially Software and Service-Related Advance Technology. In the Upcoming Year Definitely Samsung Will Thrive as A Stronger Player Across the Segment Which Will Definitely Increase Its Revenue Stream.

Commitment Towards GDP

Income in India: Samsung India's Mobile Phone Business Saw 27% Increase in Revenues of More Than Rs 34,000 Crore .A Similar Speed of Growth in This Financial Year. With Mobile Phones for Around 60% Of the Overall Business, Samsung's Revenues from India For Fy17 Went Out of Almost Rs 57,000 Crore, With an Increase Of 20% And  Of 19% To Rs 47,000 Cr In 2015-2016. The Mobile Business Last Year Had Left the Note 7 Model, Which Was Brought Back Globally in India And Was Not Known About It.

As per Counterpoint Technology Market Research Data,

Income in Korea: 22.8% Share of The South Korean Company toward The End of September 22.3% Of Xiaomi Has Hair Bread. Samsung Started with A 26% Share in The Beginning Of 2017 With 13% Of Xiaomi. Vivo, Oppo And Lenovo Have Also Shared. More Than 54% I Market Is Holder By Top Chinese Competitors

Financial Analysis

2018 (Assets, Liability, Profit & Loss)



2017(Assets, Liability, Profit & Loss)



2016(Assets,Liablity,Profit & Loss)

Hr Practice

Individuals Are Valued in Samsung

Samsung's Strategy Can Be Described as An Endeavor to Meet the Needs of The Customer Through Three Important Dimensions: Ease with Quality, Volume Time and Business. The Company Is Constantly Developing Itself and Reorganizing Itself in Support of These Objectives. Every one of These Elements Has Significant Implications for The People Appointed by The Company and Is Reflected in The Design of Samsung's Management Systems. In Part, It Is Related to Samsung's Emphasis on Product Development and Operating Teams, Which Often Change and Change as Product Moves Through Their Production Cycles. This Continuous Restructuring Proposes A Significant Pressure on The Hr Function to Facilitate Placement, Evaluation and Redistribution of Employees. To Some Extent All Assignments on The Samsung Are Temporary and Many Are Roaming Inside the Company, Which Are Considered Normal, But Glue Which Is All Together the Company's Common Culture. Because of The Short Life Cycle of The Product in This Business, Samsung Should Be Technically Developed. In This Context, And in Line with The Company's Emphasis on Engineering and Product Development, The Company Has Developed Remarkable Skills Around the Systematic Definition of An Organization Where They Want to Be. As of late, The Company Has Compiled Some Data on People in Hitech Com Two (And We at) Samsung. It Has Been Found That the Interesting Work and Quality of The Work Environment Are Important Qualities That Strengthen Samsung's Commitment to Managing People.

Put resources into People

Putting resources into Samsung Learn How to Develop A Lot of Courses for Samsung Staff and Give Them the Opportunity to Go Out and Learn. Declaration: Employees of Design Center Can Go Abroad or Get the Opportunity to Work with Famous Talent. In the Edition, Lee's Led (Kun-Ha Lee) Started A Design Revolution, Personally Inviting Ibm Wonder Kind Tom Hardy's Design to Expand His Thinking to Make Samsung Designers from The United States. The Samsung Design Center Has 307 Designers. Samsung Paved Way for Them to Go to Best Art Designing Collage In USA. As A Result, They Design More Than 700 Pieces of Product Model Each Year. Samsung Electronics Won 5 Awards in The Idea Competition (Award of Excellence in Industrial Design), Which Is Similar to Apple's Company.

Worker Development

In an Environment Where Talent Is Less and Outdoor Opportunities Are Plentiful, Samsung Believes That Employees Remain with The Studio Only When They Feel That Their Contribution Is Valued and They Are A Stimulant and Able to Do Meaningful Work in A Challenging Environment. In spite of the fact that the Manager Is Somewhat Accountable for The Development of Their Subordinates for Samsung, But There Is Some Concern Due to The Recent Development Rate of The Study, This Process Is Not as Fast as Needed, Especially for The Development of Skills. Numerous Types of Study Teams

Decent variety and Inclusion

With 58 Nationalities in Its 1000 Best Managers, As an Employer of About 126 Nationalities, Samsung Is an Underlying Diversified Organization. They Have Different Cultures and Background Consumers, And the Diversity of Their Employees Helps Them Understand Their Better Needs and Respond to Their Needs. Samsung's Approach Is to Focus on The Creation of An Inclusive Culture for Diversity So That Everyone Can Realize That They Are Recognized, The Sense of Belonging and Uniq. In 2004 He Reviewed Diversity at Company Level. Presently They Have A Comprehensive Commission for Diversity and There Is A Detailed and Regular Monitoring of Diversity. Ladies Continue to Be More Than 35% Of the Administration Post.

Regard the Rights

They Want to Ensure That the Human Rights and The Labor Rights of Their Employees Are Maintained. The Principles of The Samsung Business Code Are A Symbol of Our Commitment to Human Rights.

The Prize

Samsung Is Committed to Providing Its Employees with An Environment in Which They Can Go. They Seek People with Energy, Creativity and Commitment, And Give Them Tools That They Need to Achieve Ambitious Goals, Professionals Strive to Achieve the Highest Standards of Excellence and Integrity. Samsung's Reputation Is as One of The Most Liked Employers in The World. They Were Able to Offer Their People Opportunities to Achieve Their Goals Professionally and Personally. Since They Manage A Global Activity, They Accept the Importance of Diversity; Understand the Personal Forms of Work and How Employees Can Integrate With Each Other To Achieve Extraordinary Results.

Representative Welfare

The Samsung Family Helps Employees in Areas of Health, Child Education, Housing and Retirement Preparations. The Company Hands Out Huge Amount of Investment to Support the Enrollment Of Children for The Educational Opportunities of Employees, High Quality, Medical Care and Recreational Activities for The Welfare of The Employees. The Wage and The Welfare of The Total Salary and Employee Bonus, 2 In 2003. Being Trillion Won the Amount of Korean, 3.3 Trillion Won In 2004, And Won In 2005. The Company Has Also Provided Benefits Like Family Health, Child Education, Housing, Retirement Etc. Plan and Other Life Needs to Improve the Quality of Life for Every Individual Employee. Samsung Housing Support Provides Housing Support to Meet Employees' Lifestyle. Rentals or Apartments Are Shared for Single. Strategies Are Also Provided for The Employees Transferred Away from Their Families. Kids' Education Company Provides Lessons for The Children of The Preschool Worker for The University. Recreational Activities Provide Cultural Events and Sports and Entertainment Facilities to The Company, Pay for Full or Partial Expenses, When Employees Complete Cultural and Recreational Activities.

Medicinal Help

Fantastic Medical Treatments, Sanitation Measures and Medical Expenses Are Provided for Employee Health Problems. The Internal Health Control Center Conducts A Periodic Medical Examination. Retirement Support So That the Pensioners Can Lead A Comfortable Life, The Company Offers an Old Age Pension and Other Solutions.

Marketing Mix

Samsung's Marketing Mix Analyzes The Company That Covers 4ps (Product, Price, Location, Promotion) And Explains Samsung's Marketing Strategy. It Processes the Pricing, Advertisement and Delivery Strategies Used by The Company.

Product: Samsung Makes Heavy Investments in Research and Development to Provide the Best Product to Its Customers. Items Can Be Classified into Five Categories and Are:

Cell phones - Smartphones Like Samsung Galaxy Series, Tablets, Wearable, Other Phones, Accessories

Samsung Equipment-Refrigerator, Washers, Kitchen Equipment, Air Conditioner, Vacuum Cleaner

Television/Av-Samsung Tv, Audio and Amp; Video, Accessories

Data Technology-Printers and Multimedia, Monitors

Memory/Storage-SSD, Portable SSD, Memory Card, Usb Flash Drive

Price: Samsung Is A Market Leader in Smartphones and Home Appliance Is A Major Player in The Market. It Uses Two Tariff Rules:

Skimming Value - Uses the Samsung Skimming Pricing Policy. For Example, When Samsung Launched New Products with Different Storage-Capacity Variants, The Highest Product Prices however When Other Launches Launch A Smartphone with Identifying Features, Then Samsung Avoids Cutting Costs in Its Market Share Easily Due to Its Competitive Release.

Focused Pricing - This Pricing Strategy Is A Part of Samsung's Marketing Strategy. Samsung Is Not Able to Become A Leader in Other Product Categories. Samsung Is A Trusted Brand, yet 'Home Appliances' In the Category of Products Have Not Been Able to Move Beyond Lg. To Avoid Crashing Attacks of Their Competitors on The Market Samsung Is Required to Use Competitive Prices. Aside from This, Samsung Is Not A Major Engine in These Product Categories and Therefore It Should Defend Its Market Conditions. These All Help in Understanding the Pricing Strategy in Samsung's Marketing Mix.

Place: Samsung Sells Directly to Retailers and Service Resellers. Also, Due to This Strategy, Only Service Distributors Are Responsible for Corporate Sales. Retailers Who Normally Deal with Technology, They Must Include Samsung In Their Proposals, Because the Brand Is Famous All Over the World. Dissemination Is the Force for Samsung. Samsung Distributes Its Products in A Special Location by Using A Single Distribution Company Which Delivers and Distributes Products in Other Locations.

Promotion: Promotion Is an Important Pillar of The Company's Marketing Mix. Samsung Believes That Advertising Places the Best Promotional Way and Brand Place for Potential Consumers. Samsung Promotes New Products by Using Newspapers and Digital Media. To Take Advantage of The Large Number of Celebrity Fans, The Brand Invited Many Celebrities to Become Brand Ambassador and Promoted the Product. The Big Banner, The Hording and The Posters Are Hired on The Highway.

In Advertising Addiction, Samsung Uses Several Promotional Strategies to Buy Customers Products. Samsung Is Most Famous for Its Product Quality and User Experience but at the same time Is Known for Being A Giant in The Samsung Sponsor Events. Samsung Also Sponsors Important Events Samsung Offers Great Discounts During National Festivals. This Includes the Analysis of Samsung Marketing Mix.

Swot Analysis

Samsung Electronics Limited Is Actually the Subsidiary of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Group, A Business Tycoon Based in Suwon, South Korea. Outside of Korea, Samsung Is Best Known as The World's Largest Manufacturer of Mobile Phones and Smartphones, Including the Very Popular and Successful Galaxy.


  • Samsung Is the Most Successful Electronics Manufacturer in The World. It Is the World's Largest Manufacturer Tv, Liquid Crystal Panel (Lcds), Mobile Phone and Smartphone.
  • He Was Able to Create and Distribute Samsung Pay, A Payment App with Features Similar to Apple Pay, In Less Than One Year. Samsung Has Been Able to Reproduce Google's Android Operating System For Many Apple Features and Mobile Devices.
  • Samsung Has A Strong Production Capacity and Marketing.
  • Samsung Has Long-Standing Relationships with Retailers in The United States and Europe That Offer A Stable Sales Channel for Their Products.


  • Not Able to Match Apple's Marketing Capabilities for Samsung Smartphones. Their Share of The American Smartphone Market Decreased By 2.3% Between 2014 And 2015. On the Contrary, Apple's Stock Price Was Up 34.9%.
  • Some Chinese Competitors Are Reaching Samsung In the Smartphone Market. Somewhere in the range of 2014 And 2015, Huawei's Participation Increased 48.1%, And Xiaomi's Share Increased By 29.4%.
  • Samsung Limited Has Great Dependence on The Sales of Consumer Electronics with Growth Potential, Such as In the Us and Europe, For Most of Their Revenue.
  • Samsung Devices Use Google Open Source Android Operating System. Numerous Consumers Refuse to See Android as A Product for Apple Ios. The Public Has Not Beat Accepted by The Android the Technology Community Has
  • Some Consumers See Apple Products More Advanced and Reliable Than Samsung Products.
  • Samsung's Marketing Efforts Are Not as Sophisticated as Apple.


  • Growing Markets for Smartphones, Tablets and Other Mobile Devices, Especially in Developing Areas Like Africa And India, Where Consumers Do Not Know Pcs. Offers of Bullets at last Is More Than the Sale of Traditional Personal Computers In 2015. 3
  • New Techniques Such as Wearable Tech
  • Developing the Middle Class in The Developing World Will Increase the Consumer Electronics Market.
  • Online Market Growth for Sales Channels Like Amazon.Com


  • Apple Has Become the Flagship Brand of Phones and Tablets in Some Markets Alike USA. Samsung Has Not Been Able to Eliminate Apple's Reputation of Reliability.
  • Apple's Reputation for Quality, Reliability and Refinement Is Increasing.
  • The Google Android Operating System Which Galaxy Device Depends, Is Not So Popular with The Average People all things considered.
  • Reducing or Minimizing Middle-Class Results in North America And the United States Can Reduce Consumer Purchasing Power in Those Major Markets with Samsung.
  • Chinese Manufacturers Like Huawei And Xiaomi Can Emerge as Serious Rivals for Samsung The Part of These Companies on The Market for Critical Mobile Devices Is Growing While Samsung Is Falling.


Exploiting Its Global Quality and Substitutional Market Knowledge Samsung Has Developed High-Tech Marketing Strategies to Launch the Product, But It Has Been Organized in Different Areas. Through Successful and Diverse Perspectives for Individual Markets, It Has Gained Its Corporate Philosophy of Presenting Its Human Resources and Technology Through Ever-Better Products and Services for The Development of a Global Society.

All Samsung Products Focus Much on Product Benefits and Features. They Want to Offer A Range of Benefits and Benefits from A Single Product. The Most Important Features Are the Integration and Use of Technology in Delivering Essential Value. Development Is Also an Important Criterion. All Samsung Products Have Value on Money in The One Positioning That Thing of More Getting More Thing What You Pay For. They Give Themselves Position as A Better Provider of Points of Equality Than Their Competitors.

In spite of the fact that Samsung Has Captured the Highest Market Share in The Indian Market, The Company Had to Face Many Problems. For Example, Struggling with Apple, Apple Blamed Samsung That the Company Was Copying Some of Its Features and Design. This Flaw Harmed the Reputation of Samsung Throughout the World. Yet at the same time Samsung Is the Favorite Brand of Indian Consumers, Whether We Talk About Electronic Consumer Goods or Smartphones. It Means Despite Problems and Defects; Samsung Has Placed Itself in The Consumer's Mind as A Quality Brand.


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