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Personal Reflection on Working Process in Making HR Policies of France and India

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6th Nov 2020 Business Assignment Reference this


This was the first experience for me to work in a cross-cultural group project, the journey of completing was a big challenge for me. Finally, I made this project to complete. Overall, I have scored good marks in this module. From this presentation I have got to learn so many things. 

In this phase of Forming, in the beginning stage of Forming, we faced some issues on our thoughts and perspectives. Because, even though we came from same country but from different cultures. So, the perspectives were different and after some discussions we persuaded one another and comprehended about one another’s musings.

Firstly, we were given 4-5 topics from which we opted for France and India. We had chosen that to present. We had a group meeting on Friday after college in Learning resource centre (LRC) in De Havilland Campus. We discussed about a topic and shared our views to complete the task. I had a topic on HR policies of France and India. Basically, I am from India so I was aware about the HR policies in India and so it was not difficult for me. I found difficulties in finding HR policies of France but somehow managed to find by refereeing some websites.

In this phase of Norming, a large portion of my colleagues went to meeting and examined about the individual work to separate the topic and at last we settled our issue by splitting our work and there was a few wrong impressions and disarrays while splitting our work for bunch venture. We allotted one job to every one of our group mates to check the groups tasks at the same time. Our group leader oversaw everything and requested that we carry out our responsibilities with sincere and perfectly.

  • The first meeting was on 5th November 2019 at 10am in the Tuesday morning in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). Where the group was discussed the introduction for the presentation about report and chance to interact with each other. The key discussion involved handover off tasks and understand terms of structure, learning outcomes and correct referencing. 
  • The second meeting took place on 8th November 2019 at 12pm in the Friday afternoon in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). This was the place individuals from the gathering had the option to discuss thoughts utilizing and improved plans with a conceptualize on the substance required for the introduction.
  • The third meeting took place on 12th November 2019 at 2pm in the Tuesday afternoon in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). During reading week, this meeting included showing progress and giving constructive feedback.
  • The fourth meeting took place on the 19th November 2019 at 5pm in the Tuesday evening in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). This where the gathering analysed each other’s parts and had the option to time them as should have been effective.
  • The fifth meeting took place on 28th November 2019 at 6pm in the Thursday evening in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). This is the place all individuals from the gathering met up and did the last practice and rehearsal to the presentation.

In this phase of Performing, the gathering is even more intentionally careful, the gathering knows clearly why it is doing what it is doing. The gathering has a typical vision and can stay alone feet with no deterrent or enthusiasm from the pioneer. As a group we moved in the direction of accomplishing the task. Groupmates care for each other in order to maintain good relation. I performed well and satisfied on my topic and as well as my groupmates had performed very well in their respective topics. Finally, we completed our tasks on time with proper referencing and research on topics. We had a final meeting on 27th of November 2019 at 3pm on the Wednesday afternoon in Learning Resource Centre (LRC). We had some practices on presentation in a decent stream.

In the phase of Adjuring, Finally, we finished the power point presentation in a good note, everyone in the group had kept most extreme exertion to express their work.

I have learnt how to manage time this going to help me in upcoming group projects in future. I will plan to spend time with everyone in the group individually so that I can learn about how they respond to the different situations. This helps me to fix the challenges regarding working styles.

I feel it essential for me to improve my oral relational abilities to successfully draw in with the gathering individuals. Later, I will intend to go to the lectures for improving for my relational abilities.

To conclude, I was extremely satisfied working with the cross-cultural group as I have taken in a lot by defeating the difficulties we have comforted. As I would like to work in various venture works later with multi-social groups, this experience helped me to know the significance of perusing and investigating before implementing the work.


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