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Enterprise Architecture Failure
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Enterprise architecture (EA) refers to a comprehensive, conceptual, operational blueprint or framework that outlines an organization’s functional processes and structures. It aims at determining way...

Should the Consumer or Producer Be Protected?
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Should the U.S. protect the consumer or the producer? The question, in its most basic form, is where the truth of thought for proponents for free trade and proponents against free trade derive their i...

Effects of Bias in Boardroom Decision Making
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Oliver Marnet in this paper focuses on the study of the effect of bias on the quality of boardroom decision-making. Effective boards are one of the main drivers of corporate governance (Walker, 2009; ...

Resolving Complex Supply Chain Issues
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: I. Major Facts The company was founded in 1985 in Los Angeles by three sisters who loved fine tea. Unfortunately, one of the sisters passed causing the remaining two to sell the company. Their then CP...

Managing Ethics and Sustainability in Business
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Ethics within a business context can be best defined as moral thinking and analysis by corporate decision makers regarding the motives and consequences of their decisions and action. Ethics in decisio...

Dealing with Risk, Asymmetric Information, and Incentives
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: In any type of business there is always the unexpected actions of dealing with the risk and uncertainty. No matter small business or Fortune 500, businesses large and small must use preparedness techn...

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming Industry
26th Feb 2020
Introduction: Abstract The discussion of this document is to explore the history of mobile gaming and explain how it evolved from a small game to a global, multi-billion-dollar industry. Discussing how the mobile g...